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Farm Aid 2016 Lesson #2: Where to Buy Your Concert Merch?

In retail we hear about the fact that on-line selling is replacing brick & mortar stores. Now that dynamic is even hitting rock concerts only lon-line sales are replacing canvas & folding table merch operations. Ten percent of the sales at the 2016 Farm Aid concert were done on-line. Wait in lines of up to 30 people and then carry your merch around all day VS
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Misprint Monday: “Beg for forgiveness, say you’ll never do it again, pay a reasonable settlement and move on with your life.”

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago Cubs and Major League Baseball are about to make a massive crackdown on copyright violations (whether real or perceived) in the coming weeks. The Major League Baseball Playoffs are upon us and big bucks are at stake. Where big bucks are at stake, you always will find lawyers and big business. Even a letter of the alphabet,
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Chelsea Grayson Named New CEO of American Apparel

Paula Schneider resigned as CEO of American Apparel. She served that post only since early 2015. Lawyer Chelsea Grayson has been named by the Board at new CEO. Ms. Grayson had been serving as the American Apparel General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer. We received a copy of the letter distributed to employees. The one page letter states somewhat cryptically that the reason for Ms. Schneider’s departure was,
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Big Stuff at SGIA Expo 2016 Las Vegas

The doors open officially tomorrow morning at SGIA Expo 2016 Las Vegas.  Walking the floor the day before a show is my little tradition.  The opportunity to talk to friends and colleagues in a relaxed environment (not for the technicians of course) is both fun and informative. I’m really excited about a number of the new and/or improved technology I’ve seen just today but nothing more than
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Super Fast Digital: MHM Raises the Bar; a Preview

MHM has a new machine and it sure to turn some heads at the SGIA show in Las Vegas this week. It prints digital images at speeds that can exceed 1000 pieces per hour. This is the thing that so many people have been looking for, a viable hybrid of screenprinting and digital printing. This is going to be a game changer in our printing
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It Glows!

Frankly, most of the glow-in-the-dark inks on the market SUCK. The results always seem to disappoint unless you are willing to lay down so much ink as to make for a totally undesirable hand and high-cost per print.  Thus, I’m super stoked on this high-solids water-based glow ink from Allureglow, USA (not a sponsor of The Ink Kitchen) that we’ve started working with.  When printed over a discharge
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