One Caucasus Festival: Screenprinting in Far Away Places

Hey, I’ll get to the point first, the shameless ask… If you can, donate to a great free music and arts festival happening in the Caucasus region, the country of Georgia to be exact. is where I’m collecting money to help them raise money. Next week this reporter will be traveling for about thirty hours each way to help with the One Caucasus Festival
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Gildan to Acquire Peds

Gildan just announced purchase of socks company Peds for $55 million (American not Canadian dollars…) This comes on the heels of their acquisitions in the past few years of Anvil, Comfort Colors, New Buffalo Shirt Company, and most recently Alstyle Apparel. Peds was in the news recently for “reshoring” some of their knitting. They brought some manufacturing back from overseas to North Carolina by keeping
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This is all purpose, you can use for printing without a flash or in some flashing situations. All-purpose means it doesn't work as well for specific purposes.

Sticky Subject: Adhesives

Let’s talk pallet (platen actually…) adhesives. These are also called spray tack or roll tack. People think they are all the same. They are not. I actually consulted with a shop where bad adhesive was ruining their entire printing effort. They could not print in register and their shop was a mess. It does matter. Using the right adhesive means you get good registration, your
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Basic Logo T-Shirt Design: What Not to Do

When designing a logo for a race, event, concert, or company where t-shirts will figure heavily in the mix, here are some considerations: Don’t make it a full color or rasterized image. The logo should be a vector file so that it reproduces in bold color with clearly defined colors. Minimize blends. Blends are easy to do with a computer art program of any kind.
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Hanes with an Innovative Approach

Hanes and Champion have a new site at for ordering a shirt, focused on all high schools and colleges. I guess it might cut into the businesses of a few people, but mostly it seems like it might lead to less aggravation and more business for most of us. If somebody wants a single shirt for the local high school? Hanes has 13K schools set up
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