Misprint Monday: Stupid Artificial Intelligence

Data mining, artificial intelligence, and automation aren’t always a great substitute for people’s brains and judgement, as the following t-shirt story illustrates. The Hustle has an on line story or maybe a cautionary tale about using algorithms and Facebook data to make very specific t-shirt offerings. The keywords and interests were mashed up and served up to be very specific to you (supposedly) so that
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Printed by Amazon

We all know that Amazon is taking over the world, but do you know about Merch by Amazon? Check out this article to see how big it is, and how big it might become.

Misprint Monday: Emulsion Trouble, Check Your Expiration Dates

Usually Tom and I relay a story of our own mistakes, which folks seem to enjoy hearing about. Today it is a mix of my woes and someone else’s. On a Facebook group this morning a fellow traveler in the world of screenprinting was having trouble with screens that would not wash out. What can cause this? Andy MacDougal mentioned expired emulsion as a possible
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More or Bigger is Not Always Better

Funny ad for sublimation I got in my email box today. “Which Do You Prefer?” I would say that most people over the age of 11 prefer the one on the left. Simple is usually better with clothing. Some people can rock a big yellow dashiki or a full color all-over super hero, but most people can’t. There is another point here, they talk about
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What’s a T-shirt Worth?

Today’s column is by my buddy Bill Mooney. He has an entertainment and music industry merchandising company. called Tannis Root. He’s a good guy with a great business. He also has had the most kick ass industry parties to celebrate his decades in business and I got to see Sonic Youth, the Condo Fucks, Mudhoney and Redd Kross at his bashes. Sustainability is a word
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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Merch 2018, What’s Shakin’ for Trends

It always is interesting to look around and see what people are wearing for printed t-shirts. The research is extensive at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival where close to 500,000 people of all ages will attend and most of them are wearing t-shirts. The general trends continue to be very simple designs, one or two colors, distressed and/or faded. Lots more heathered shirts
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