Printing on Polyester – Part 2

Printing on Poly, real world shirt issue:

1. On left: plasticizer test, 320 degrees for 30 seconds heat transferred to white square. That’s quite a bit of dye on the white. If we had done that test before printing a sample we would have saved ourselves some grief later.

2. On the bottom is our sample for the customer, which after a couple of days turned a bit purple after starting as a pure white print. We used an ink made for 50/50 shirts but it was not good enough. The blue dye of the shirt migrated in to the ink

3. On the top in the photo is our second sample. We used a polyester ink and it prevented dye migration and the print looks white even after a few days.

I had a hard time taking the photos and accurately showing what happened. The circle on white is actually more purple than what you see in the photo and the first print is not nearly as white as it looks in the photo. The second print  is as white as it looks in the photo.

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