TBT – More Andy Anderson, Process Master

Another throwback Thursday and a couple more pieces by Andy Anderson from Nashville, TN. The dude can print some serious process prints, traditional process being his way usually.  I asked him about these two prints,

Andy:  “The only thing I can remember is the Kenny job was done in 1983— it was our first entry in the Golden Squeegee competition as it was called and our first gold.  Don’t remember many specs on it sorry. Not even sure what line count it was but I do remember using Union inks!

The Acme Building was 1995–  all the basic info 65 LPI- advance process inks, screens were 355 mesh. Printed on our old Advance Centurions.
By the way Rick you don’t give yourself enough credit. Your work is stellar– some of the best in the world! I’m a huge fan of your work -Really!
 We were still doing a lot of process white t’s back when you put out all those beautiful Vodka(?) bottle prints. We had done simulated but had no real demand for anything like it. We did it all-darks and lights with 4 color process.
Wasn’t till 2000 that we needed to take it a little more seriously. We had the opportunity to get more Tour Shirt work and had lost a lot of our old customers. So we didn’t have a choice.
 I do have some dark shirt 4-color work I can show you- but we really need to focus on getting some of the young guys exposure. Which you have done— They don’t want to see my old stuff anyway.”
Well call me a dinosaur, but I like seeing his work.  The Kenny Rogers print has amazing skin tones. The Acme Building is not too shabby either.

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