What Are We Matching?

Make sure you know what you are matching when a customer has many other printed items. The file you are working from may have color indications, but if the customer has already printed brochures (well, maybe back in the days when dinosaurs ruled the earth…,) billboards, beer cans, boxes, … whatever, you had better fall in line. In this case the artwork was a bit more sedated and the beautiful sky on the file was a bit more orange, we chose to push towards the brighter yellow in other printed materials which we already knew the customer was happy with.

Once we reproduced a photograph by a famous rock and roll photographer. We struggled and then successfully reproduced some very subtle colors only to learn that our customer had neglected to tell us that the photographer wanted us to get more of a monochromatic look of a published print that she had done, not match the actual chrome we had received. It was a painful waste of effort. Lesson: ask what you are matching.

One more piece of advice. The Sam Summer this year is  very good. I have decided this after extensive sampling.

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