Web Wednesday: Daffy Dan

A couple of years ago while trolling the streets of Cleveland with my buddy Jacob Edwards, co-founder/co-owner of Jakprints, we came across a typical-to-Cleveland brick building with a giant sign reading “Daffy Dan’s Custom Screenprinting” complete with a badass cutout caricature of Dan himself!  “What’s that???” I said aloud.  “Oh, that’s Daffy Dan, he’s been around forever, he used to own the market here.  I’m not sure he likes us much” says Jacob.  “Awesome” says I.

daffy dan

The actual sign on Daffy Dan’s building

Everything about Daffy Dan’s branding and image screams vintage screen-printing.  I like to joke about this industry being formed by hippies printing in the garage.  Well, it’s true.  And though myself and many young and/or serious printers have to fight that stigma, there’s something nostalgic about it all.


DD’s branding has not changed much in the past 40 years

Please do take a chance to visit Daffy Dan’s website which itself has a vintage 1990’s web appeal.  The use of Comic Sans on the site is a bit of a middle finger to the modern world.  I love it!

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