Our Field Trip to Rutland

Rick and I are on a tour of North Carolina and South Carolina this week.  Today we visited the Rutland Group.  We’ve both been loyal Rutland ink customers for years and I must say, this being my first visit, it was really something to finally see where the magic happens.

Though our hosts were more than hospitable, they did ask that we limit our photography to certain areas.  Kind of a “special sauce” type of thing.  But take my word for it, seeing the size, scope, and complexity of the ink manufacturing process is humbling.

What we can show you is Prism, the newest and coolest ink dispensing system on the market…


Prism is a fully automated ink dispensing system


Max Price begins the Prism demo


The system utilizes precision nozzles which are capable of dispensing as little as 1/10 of a gram of ink


Dispensing in action


Rick is intrigued


Thank you to our gracious hosts for a great visit



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