Printing on Garment Dyed Shirts

Quick post today. I have many inquiries lately about how to print a garment dyed shirt.

Test the particular shirt and color,  but many of them print well with discharge ink and that accentuates the softness of the shirts.

Most colors most of the time print well with any good cotton white ink.

If you find that the dye is migrating (our IK article on testing could be helpful) then use a 50/50 white and if that isn’t strong enough then a poly white and if you still have trouble then put down a blocking grey. Rutland sells a new Endurance grey that will work on any garment dyed shirt that I’ve seen and is softer and easier to print than their Barrier Grey, but that’s only for extreme cases.

However!!!! Only use these as the underprints and use a cotton white for the top finish white. If you use certain 50/50 or poly whites as the top white you can cause ghosting on garment dyed shirts. We use Rutland’s new silky white as the top white.

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