I Heart Douthitt

The man himself, Mark Diehl, President of Douthitt Corp, is spending a few days with us this week.  The purpose of Mark’s visit is to do some in-depth training on CTS maintenance and repair work with a couple of our key team members.  When Mark arrived this morning and I made the introductions, his first words were, “Let me give you guys my cell phone number, I’ll take your call anytime”.  In my personal experience with Mark I’ve found this to be absolutely true, even on the weekends.  This type of care and support from the highest level is so rare in a company today.  I appreciate it because I too give my cell number to my customers.  Yes, the occasional 10pm call can be a pain but the trust and good will that it creates between you and your customer is invaluable.  Our entire screen department is filled with Douthitt equipment, including of course a CTS system.  If you are considering going CTS I cannot make a stronger recommendation than Douthitt.  Not only because I believe the wax/inkjet technology is superior to that of the competition, but because of the aforementioned care and support.

Here’s some further reading on CTS from the IK archives.


Mark Diehl (right) working with our Saul, our Facilities Manager

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