Ink Kitchen “Guide to ISS Long Beach” – #4

This is the 4th in our series on what to check out at the Long Beach ISS show. Of course be sure to come by our Ink Kitchen “Know-It-All” booth on the far left wall. “Far left” and “off the wall”, that’s us. It is booth #157. We’ll also be tweeting and posting up a storm from the booth and from all over the show floor.

The following of our recommended vendors will be there and I have briefly noted what we think you should check out at a minimum. This is the fourth in the series, so look at posts 1,2, and 3 from past couple days on The Ink Kitchen if you want all of our recommendations.

Douthitt – Booth #1357 – I use the term “geek” affectionately when I speak of the folks at Douthitt. They are passionate and SO knowledgeable about making screens. I have used their exposure systems for 25 years. Basically you almost never need to speak to them because their equipment just doesn’t break down. On the rare occasions you have to speak to them you will find that they have the best tech support and an incredible dedication to keeping their customers going. Tom uses their Computer-to-Screen (CTS) system and he loves that system.

Econscious – Booth #750 – There are lots of bullshitters in the environmental movement. Econscious are not like that; they actually know their stuff.  I love their fleece. Go talk to them and I guarantee you will learn something. They also have great tips on how to sell organics to your customers.

Workhorse Products Booth #1827 – Workhorse manual presses are user friendly. I had a Workhorse the first year they made one and I have a new one. Great press.

Newman Roller Frames – Booth #1438 – There are many reasons to go with retensionable frames, particularly Newman Roller Frames. Check their frames out at the show. If you already use them, stop and get a few tips on using them more efficiently. We use Newmans exclusively at Mirror Image.

GSF (Graphic Screen Fashion) – Booth #565 – if you are going to use rigid frames, GSF is absolutely the way to go. Go by and meet them at the show. Also check out their new system to facilitate using screens with either no tape or minimal taping. Tom uses GSF frames exclusively at Motion Textile.

Albatross – Booth #1512 – Even if you are going to use some spray adhesive, do yourself a big favor and go and talk to Barry at Albatross about Albatross roll tac. No spray on you, no spray on your machines, no spray to breathe, no cans to throw out, and you save money. Duh, go see him. We use it at Mirror Image and we also use their safer but yet still effective blasting fluid.

Bayside (AST Sportswear) – Booth #2139 – If you want a good basic American made t-shirt, hoodie, or hat go to Bayside. Their products are well made and they have good inventory. They also have an additional union made line to check out.

Action Engineering – Booth #365 – Erik and his crew make replacement platens, special platens, and all kinds of parts and production assisting devices. Definitely look at their roller squeegee/screen system while you are at the show.  Also see what else they have that is new, they always have new aid for printers. They make good platens for production printing of zip hoodies as well.

Murakami – Booth #1254 – Tom and I both use Murakami capillary film, check that out. They are smart folks there, always worth chatting with.

SPR (Screen Printers Resource) – Booth #1553 – Tom and most of the good shops I know on the West Coast use Screen Printers Resource as their local supplier for at least some of their products and equipment. If you know them, take the opportunity to talk to them in person. If you don’t know them or are a newbie, definitely go and meet them.

SPSI – Booth #947 – SPSI is a tremendous distributor of supplies and equipment to the screenprinting industry, one of the best in the business. They cover the territory from Minnesota to Texas and from Nevada to Ohio and they do a damn good job of it. If you are just starting out, ask them about their Epson based ways of making film – software, film, and ink. They are a great dealer of Kornit and MHM and of Rutland inks. They are one of the first distributors to embrace the digital revolution and they got ahead of everyone and continue to be in the vanguard. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and fair. If you are going to talk to anyone at the show, make sure it is SPSI.



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