Gildan Buys Comfort Colors!

Holy Cow, Vermont company Comfort Color is now part of the Gildan empire. Entrepreneur and genuine character Barry Chouinard (owner of Comfort Colors) should be able to buy a little more apple cider this week after selling his company for $100 million to industry giant Gildan. Reported as well was that Gildan lost over $40 million on the last quarter of 2014.

If you buy Comfort Color shirts I don’t think anything will change right away as the management team etc are staying intact. Eventually I would guess some of Gildan’s professional expertise and financial clout will come into play, but things for now should not change. Barry (a slightly wealthier Barry actually) will still be there and his right hand man Kevin Camisa will be there as well. I talked to them today and they were still full of piss and vinegar and not going anywhere. Full pre-shrunk soft shirts in cool colors continue to flow out of their dyeworks. Maybe now they’ll add a color that is the shade of USA currency.

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