Malcolm Butler Gives Big Boost to New England T-Shirt Industry (Hot Market)

Thousands of shirts sit in New England warehouses. Seattle’s Kearse catches a ridiculous pass that should have fallen to the ground. Printers in New England groan, remembering the insane catch (and last of very few catches he ever made) by David Tyree in 2008 which robbed the Patriots of the Super Bowl that year and meant that many blank shirts never saw a Patriot’s logo. However, Donta Hightower with a seriously messed up shoulder still managed to tackle the world’s best running back Marshawn Lynch on first down. Then Patriot rookie Malcolm Butler jumps the route of Seattle’s Lockette and intercepts the pass and the Patriots win Super Bowl 49. Printers all over New England jumped up and ran to the presses and worked all night or longer.

It seems t-shirts have not lost their appeal. The Boston papers this morning were full of full page adverts for Championship shirts. Conventional wisdom is that they keep selling until the parade happens, and we just got so much snow that the parade is delayed for a day, making for all the more shirts to be printed.

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