Big Projects

“Digitizing” the presses has been on my projects list for years now.  It’s quite the undertaking but once completed will allow us to digitally display the full and accurate range of on-press screen and platen movement in relation to each other and in relation to screen profile and artboard (these components we have already digitized).  This is a big deal for us as we run so many designs comprised of oversized prints, non-standard placements, and non-standard garments (garments are digitized on an ad hoc basis).  A tremendous amount of time savings will be achieved in design development by working within these parameters visually on screen rather than having to take garments to press and record physical measurements in every instance.

This is a multi-phase project of course but we started yesterday by photographing all unique platen styles/sizes (which will ultimately be profiled in detail) and, while we were at it decided to document inventory and clean.  More to follow on this project in the coming weeks…


Phil is taking inventory and specific measurements of WxLxH and noting condition and press compatibility. Eventually every platen will be issued a unique ID and labeled accordingly.


Photos will be used to accurately vectorize each unique platen style and size in inventory


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