Lasers: A Printer’s Best Friend

Many of us have for many years utilized lasers to aid in accurate print positioning on press.  I’ve seen many home-spun setups (including the cheap Radio Shack laser levels which were once mounted onto our presses) as well as some commercial systems.  Most worked just “OK” and with serious limitations.  Enter Lase-It, a truly legit laser positioning system.  With a solid testimonial from my buddy Paul at Apparel Graphics a thorough inspection at ISS Long Beach we decided to purchase and install a 4-Laser Solid Mount System to test on one of our presses.  Our printers instantly fell in love with the new laser system and within a week we ordered four more units to install at each of our presses.

Why I’m so high on the Lase-It system:

– it actually works!

– we are saving time and money

– it is technology that our printers were actually willing to adopt

– unfortunately, innovation in textile screenprinting has been flat for many years, it’s great to see something new and worthwhile

– it just looks high-tech and badass in the shop (customers are impressed)

Here’s a look at Lase-It in operation:








The Lase-It system proves itself when we’re doing work like this…




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