Black Shirts, “They Sound Better…”

Hey everyone from the Ramones to the local shoegaze band to Johnny Cash, the “Man in Black”, loves a black t-shirt, but I never heard the claim before that, “they sound better.” Check out the bottom of the photo of that Buddy Emmons shirt for sale page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 1.47.39 PM

A Buddy Emmons dedicated site is a probably a reputable source to make such a claim.

By the way I found this in search of information for my radio show to feature the master of the steel guitar, who passed away this week.

Here is Buddy showing his clothes off (and that man could wear a hat) below and here’s a link to a kick ass and a soulful pedal steel guitar tune by Emmons. There is a great article about Buddy written by Peter Cooper who I was lucky enough to meet the last time I was in Nashville. If you have the chance, visit the “From Dylan to Cash” exhibit, which is there until the end of next year, at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Peter’s hand is in that as well.

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