Garrett’s Platen Storage

Today’s post comes from our pal Garrett Kaule of Kaule Screen Works in Pittsburgh, PA.

He has an MHM press and a great feature of it is the honeycomb platens that wick away heat and are super flat. However, they also are very expensive and you don’t want to ding them up. To keep them organized and safe he’s building this rack.

He says, ”

just some photos of the pallet cart we are building if you want to share on IK

It will be on wheels.

The slot to the right is to store sleeve pallets. The slot in the front is to store an array of pallets from youth, zipper pallets, and regular sized pallets. Pimped out. Most likely won’t be as colorful but leaving pallets all over the place can get pretty messy and unorganized. I prefer to have everything close by and on carts now including ink, tape, all that stuff that makes setting up jobs easier.”

pallett5 pallet3 pallet4 Pallett Pallett2 pallett6

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