Mis-print Monday We’re Just Working for the Weeken

Today’s post comes from our pal Brett Bowden of Printed Threads.

Everybody’s working for the weeken

We have been really busy lately.  It always seems like when you have no time for problems, that is when problems arise.   The other night we were printing shirts after business hours when we realized a small problem.   Our art departments weary eyes missed a spelling error.   My normal instinct in this situation is to reorder shirts and save myself the extra labor hours of trying to macguyver a solution.  In this case, it was 6pm and the customer was picking up at 9am the next morning.  What do we do??   Well, because it was really just an error in separations there was still room to print the letter that we left out.   You will notice in the first picture that the “d” in weekend is missing.  Well, since we have fantastic lasers from “Lase-it” (www.laseit.net) we were able to line up the shirt perfectly and print the d in the right spot.

It looked decent, the customer was happy, we all hi-fived and went home for the weeken.

IMG_7399 IMG_7397 IMG_7398

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