SGIA Expo Atlanta 2015 – LED, Textured Digital Prints, and Cool Little Damn Bulbs

I saw some cool stuff at SGIA today. This is first of a few posts from here in Atlanta.

Saati has a point source light that is LED, super fast exposure, constant exposure, energy saving, and what I like, super simple design. You can even control it from your phone via bluetooth if the control unit goes down. That’s Ross Balfour who has a cool accent as well as being one smart dude working for Saati.

20151104_151736 20151104_151733 20151104_151715 20151104_151717


They also have these cool little bulbs that only give off a single wavelength of light. Regular socket, plug it in and you have safe light atmosphere to work in for making screens.


Digital printing is constantly advancing. Direct Color Systems is printing dimensionally using digital printing technology along with their own advanced UV ink system.

20151104_160255 20151104_160246 20151104_160146

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