SGIA Expo Atlanta 2015 – San Mar and Garments You Can Decorate, What a Concept!

My mind is boggled by companies that don’t even test their products before selling them to screenprinters and embroiderers. If you can’t hoop the left chest, or a material scorches your fancy lightweight fabric at any temperature, what good is it to us?

On the other hand, San Mar has a great guy Mark Bailey working on their garments full time, instructing decorators and listening to printers and embroiderers about what is working and not. He doesn’t claim to know everything, but he always finds the answers somewhere. San Mar has polyester (cationic dyed) that resists dye migration, pockets that are just there to make the garment able to be embroidered and many other decorator friendly ideas that they implement. They walk the walk.

Polyester fabric that doesn't bleed at normal temperatures.

Polyester fabric that doesn’t bleed at normal temperatures.




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