This is an American Apparel idea for a shirt for employees to wear on Black Friday in their retail stores. It was meant to be funny and for people to ask for an extra discount they are offering.

Several commentators including The Cut call them out and say the new regime at American Apparel is being “skeevy.” Besides thinking that the author should have used the word “skeezy” not “skeevy” in this case I had two other thoughts:

  • It just isn’t that funny and I can’t believe American Apparel wasted the money on printing and shipping these things out to their stores
  • I can’t see that well in the photo, but the ink coverage looks not that good on the print, or maybe there is a little dye migration
  • American Apparel seems to have lost their way, at least Dov Charney (former deposed benevolent dictator) would have been funnier if he was going to be skeezy.

Apparently the company has pulled the promotion.  Probably a good idea, I’m guessing the retail staff put up with enough harassment by idiots without needing it to be encouraged.

I’m digging the REI Black Friday promotion more. In the spirit of their company which is all about good care of their employees and encouraging people to go outdoors, they are closing on Friday. Their statement:  “Since 1938 we’ve been dedicated to getting people outside. On 11/27 the co-op is closing all 143 stores so our employees can do just that.




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