There but for the grace of God go you or I.

Nick Alexander the merch guy for Eagles of Death Metal was killed in the attacks in Paris at the Bataclan theater.

I know many of you out there are involved in merch for bands. It could have been one of us, one of our friends, and Nick is someone’s friend, someone’s colleague, someone’s son. It could have been me or it could have been you.

I don’t know what THE answer is, although I am certain there is not one answer. Do what you can when you can. We have to stop the funding of such attacks. We have to stop doing things that create the climate that encourages people to do this. There is a great deal to be done and we need to do it. We all need to figure it out, because what we are doing so far isn’t working.

His family said that Alexander was “everyone’s friend: “generous, funny, and fiercely loyal.”

There is a fund for his family.

The site for the fund says the following:

“Today or tonight raise a glass to the memory of Nick Alexander a guy doing a simple job of touring with a band and selling t-shirts going new places and making new friends. Last night, he ended his journey in a small theater in Paris along with many others who’s lives were cut short by hate, by misguided religion, by ignorance.

Here is to you my friend may you and the others from this tragic event find peace…”


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