Alphabrodek (and rhodes, and imprinted wholesale, and ash city…)

Alphabroder just announced today what has been rumored for months, that they have merged with Bodek and Rhodes. Nobody cares about a little billion dollar merger I guess if Bud can buy Miller for $106,000,000,000 (that’s right billions.) This merger makes Alphabroder/Bodek the undisputed biggest shirt distributor as Alphabroder, Bodek and SanMar were previously the top three.

The press reports that the websites will remains separate, but no word on all the warehouses and folks that we deal with that answer the phones and give us advice and quotes. I work closely with a few folks at each company, and I hope they all are recognized for their abilities and I can continue to work with for the new mega company. The CEO of Alphabroder was quoted and they mentioned that the CEO of Bodek Mike Rhodes was staying on, but for some reason the folks we actually deal with day to day were not mentioned in the press release.



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