Discharge, you got me again

Today we have a guest post from our buddy Brett Bowden of Printed Threads.  On the topic of discharge printing Brett shares a very useful trick with us:

A while back Rick wrote a post about using nail polish to block out registration marks on screens being used for water based inks.  What a good idea… but what if you remember too late!   Whenever a leak starts using water based ink, it can be nearly impossible to stop.  You can wipe up the ink, but it still keeps coming.  The only way to fix it is to pull off your tape and apply new tape.  Unfortunately tape does not want to stick to emulsion that is holding water based ink.  If you catch yourself in this situation,  you can fix it using items that are probably sitting right next to you.  Peel your tape off.  Wipe off the ink causing your problem.  Then spray your reg marks with spray tack.  Make sure to use a cardboard shield or something to keep spray tack from getting anywhere else on your screen.   Now that your registration marks are filled with glue, apply new tape.  It will stick well to your spray tack and should solve your leak problem.  Next time use nail polish and don’t be a dumb dumb.


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