A Little Art Prep Goes a Long Way

We recently had a client come to us asking to print a 10 color job with a huge amount of ink coverage.  The artwork consisted of mostly solid colors butt registered, which included some small details.  Ohhh…. and its just a few thousand prints.
These types of prints require a little extra thought from the art dept and production manager.  We typically put gutters into our underbases in order to give ink a place to go when colors are butt registered.  “Gutters” are just a stroke of negative space in the underbase where the top colors meet.  This job had so much ink coverage in the top colors that we used a halftone underbase as well.  The halftone underbase gives the top colors a little extra adhesion. This prevents colors from lifting up onto other screens.  This also allows your underbase to dry a lot faster.  This particular halftone underbases was around 85%, but we did make some adjustments where darker colors were laying down.  Just make sure your pallets are hot(always) but especially when starting a job like this.

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