R.I.P. Barry Chouinard

Barry Chouinard died last night of a massive heart attack while awaiting heart surgery.  He was a good friend and I’ll miss him, and he was a good friend to lots of folks that will miss him.

He sold his company Comfort Colors to Gildan about a year ago and was working on all kinds of business ventures. My favorite was that he was going to grow organic potatoes and make vodka up in near where he lived in Vermont. That would have been perfect for that hillbilly genius: part salty New Englander, a heavy dose of brilliant chemist, as sharp a business guy as you’ll ever meet, an old school environmentalist (as he said numerous times to me, “well, you don’t shit where you live…”) and add in plenty of drinks, one-liners and stories.

The man was a huge success in the garment business and we all know that is a damn tough business. The garment dyed shirt business is even more difficult, and he has really been the only person to master that. He also was about the most fun guy to hang out with. And he was definitely the guy with the most witty funny lines of anyone I’ve ever known.

He leaves his wife Bonnie and son Jeremy Drown and his good buddy Kevin Camisa. Also he leaves his stepdaughter Shawna Foran, son-in-law Patrick Foran, grandson Patrick Garrett Foran and his sister Terry Chouinard.  Our heart goes out to them. He also leaves a whole lot of other friends that are very sad today, me included.

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