A Photo is Worth a Thousand Chargebacks…

Here is a simple idea that is an inexpensive way to cover your butt. Quickly take photos of your shipments before they go out. That chargeback for too many boxes on the pallet or no labels or wrong labels will disappear mighty fast when you produce a photo of the shipment from all sides and showing how you did the labels, the bill of lading, etc.

We once shipped to a Distribution Center for a customer and got into a he said she said about some issue with the shipping that they wanted to charge us for.  I waited until a ways into the discussion to reveal the photos I had that proved us right. There was a very satisfying silence on the other end of the phone call with them and us and our customer. Their periodic unfair attempts at chargebacks for not conforming to their rules stopped after that.

Take a few of these and you just might have some ammo if you are attacked for not doing things right:



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