Misprint Monday: A Rare Fix. A Slave Associated Logo Obliterated.

I say a rare fix, because 95% of the time you try and fix a misprint with some overprint, etc. you are wasting your time. It usually looks stupid or worse and takes a long time. Usually it isn’t worth it. Get the depressing misprints out of your sight asap for any price and move on to making money doing what you do well, not by trying to polish a turd.

That all said, here is a rare one we could fix. The fix looked better than the original, the bags are costly and numerous, and we happen to have one large embroidery machine that was underutilized right now. That all added up to a fix. We sewed the new crest to cover the old. By the way, we figured a large patch also would have worked in this case.

The Harvard Law School logo has been trashed by them due to the history of the shield being derived from the coat of arms of a notorious brutal slave-holder. With some careful embroidery work we covered it up for good.

Isaac Royall was a brutal slave holder. His coat of arms was used for Harvard Law School’s logo until protests vanquished that logo recently.

The offensive print with old logo.

Measuring to figure out how exactly to size and locate the new logo.

Starting the sewing in the precise spot to obliterate the old logo.

Finished product, a screenprint embroidery composite design that looks pretty good, and the slave-holding logo completely covered up.


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