PolyOne (Wilflex Inks) Purchase of RPG (Rutland, Union, QCM Inks)

This is the media advisory from PolyOne about the purchase of Rutland. Not particularlyly revealing, but seems to be all anyone has on this for now on this big industry news.

My only other take on this is that there is a possibility of Wilflex taking a longer view on the business in terms of relationships and R&D. The past few owners of Rutland have been financial groups looking for shorter term profits.


PolyOne Expands Specialty Color Portfolio with Acquisition of
Rutland Holding Company

Rutland will join PolyOne specialty inks and coatings to bring global leadership in innovation and technology to the textile inks and printing industry.

PolyOne plans to continue producing and marketing all Rutland brands, including Rutland™, PRINTOP™, QCM™, and Union Ink™, as well as its own Wilflex™ products. The combined portfolios offer customers a full array of solutions to best suit their unique needs and performance goals.

BACKGROUND: Rutland is widely recognized for its expertise as an industry leader in specialty inks and coatings. PolyOne specializes in innovative technologies and ink-room management tools for screen-printing textile inks and specialty coatings. The joining of these great companies also expands PolyOne’s global inks footprint, with sales personnel and facilities in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Scott Craig, general manager, Specialty Inks at PolyOne, will oversee both businesses.

IMPACT: With application and process support from expanded resources, PolyOne and Rutland can now leverage their combined technologies to solve challenges and opportunities for the industry.

AVAILABILITY: All of the brands and product offerings will remain available to customers through their current, respective distributors and sales personnel. There are no changes planned in either regard. All products will continue to be commercially available in their respective regions as well.

QUOTE: Scott Craig, general manager, Specialty Inks at PolyOne, said, “PolyOne and Rutland had the industry’s best technologies as independent companies. Together, we will be even stronger. With our joined forces, we will deliver the best products and services of anyone in our industry.”



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