This is Only a Test… Print

A very special guest post from our friend Brett at Printed Threads:

The garment industry has done a really great job of making shirts harder and harder to print on.  The ink industry is trying to keep up with them.  Dealing with dye migration on poly garments has become fairly easy because we are used to printing liquid concrete (i.e. barrier base) now, but our nemesis has been poly/cotton, comfort colors, tie dye and camo.  Barrier base does not print well on garments that have a cotton component.  It leaves a rough feel… nobody wants that.

A while back, Rutland Inc. came out with their Endurance ink system, which cures at a lower temperature.  When they came out with this line they also introduced Endurance Gray, which is a softer bleed blocking ink that prints a little better on poly cotton, or garment dyed cotton fabrics.
Recently I made a trip out to Rutland’s plant and found a secret they have been keeping from us: SLD Endurance base.  They sent us a sample gallon and after testing,  this is the best product yet for blocking camo, tie dye and other garment dyed and poly cotton dye migration in our inks.  The product prints really smooth and has a great finish.
PS: Requests for samples of SLD Endurance base can be made by dialing Rutland ink guru Jay Demarco’s home phone 🙂

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