Misprint Monday: Down with Nazi’s

1,089,000 Americans died or were physically wounded in World War II fighting Nazi’s and other fascists. We don’t need a bunch of bozos walking around with swastikas. We had some stupid company a couple weeks ago making shirts with peace messages and swastikas, supposedly redeeming the symbol. Sorry, that symbol doesn’t get redeemed, they were forced with overwhelming pressure to stop and to apologize.


Dumb Idea of the Century

Now we have some new Hitler youth types wearing khakis and white polo shirts and carrying made in China Walmart tiki torches around. If one of them didn’t kill and maim innocent people, you would think it is a joke.

New Nazi uni, including here a nitwit taking a selfie of his stupid self. It looks more like “I’m going to ineffectually try and rid the area of mosquitos with this tiki torch, and then I”m going golfing with my idiot buddies and we thought it would be cute to all dress alike.”

As usual, the culture wars include sayings on shirts.

One of the nitwits was busted when he said that he wasn’t really an angry guy and that he wanted to be left alone. Poor baby, he probably shouldn’t have worn that polo shirt with the symbol of his anti-Jewish racist group then.

Some of the shirts are bit violent, but fighting fascists might need a little of that at times. Most are pretty peaceful and some are pretty funny. Making fun of clowns instead of punching them saves your knuckles.

Funny is probably best way to get the job done on a t-shirt.

Funny, but a bit violent.

A bit violent, but punching seems mild in comparison to the whole world fighting a war.

The shirt has a point of view that many can relate to.

Lots of DIY looking shirts out there, one color and to the point.

Of course it all isn’t very funny as this weekend Heather Heyer was murdered by one of these Nazi idiots and 19 others were injured as well.  Heather was involved in non-violent protest and she was intentionally run over. Her friends described her, “She enjoyed making people laugh and always “stood up for what she believed.”

“She was a sweet, sweet soul – always spoke with conviction,” her friend she that “she believed in equality and she didn’t want hate. She wanted everyone to get along, to be equal.”

Hey, I believe in free speech but that doesn’t mean I’m going to print any Nazi stuff for anyone. I hope all of you out there agree that our parents and grandparents fought this fight and we’ll fight it again if we have to. They have the right to speak, but we have the right not to listen and to fight them at every step of the way.

I hear some of the Nazi’s might try and march in my town soon. Nobody I know better be printing any crap for them, I’ll be printing some free stuff for the anti-fascists, and let’s get the cream pies ready.


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