Patriots Win. The Thrill of Victory. The Agony of …Victory

You can see the piece the local TV station did on our company Mirror Image printing Patriots shirts here. The story is accurate but the back story had a little more pain in it.

“Hot market printing” is the phrase used to describe printing shirts right after a local championship game so that shirts can be in local stores the next morning. My company has been involved more than most because we like to think we are good at what we do, but there is considerable luck involved in being in a great sports area where the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins, and Celtics have given us quite a run over the past twenty years. I think that it can be exciting for employees to be involved, in the case of the Patriots it gives us a financial boost at slow time, and it has put us on the map in our area since it is one of the few local Rhode Island angles for media coverage after the game and we have been on radio, TV, and in the newspaper hundreds of times.

Even with the adrenaline and with good planning, occasionally things go wrong, well… because that’s what happens in the world. Last night a wire went bad on one of our presses right when the night started. Luckily our great MHM tech helped us diagnose the very very unusual problem and we fixed it, but we had lost a few hours. But with the aforementioned planning and a good crew they kicked butt though and they were hitting speeds of over 900 per hour and we ended up making all deliveries and finishing an hour earlier than we had to. There were some very anxious employees last night, and some very tired ones this morning.



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