ISS Atlantic City, Here We Come. Come Hang Out with US and Talk Shop

The Ink Kitchen crew will be at ISS Atlantic City after surviving the Blizzard of 2018, take a left when you enter the show floor and find us all the way down on the left at Booth 1506-1507.

We’ll have two crates of great records, come spin a few and come talk to us.

We have brought some great vinyl and a turntable to entertain you with the sounds of jazz, blues, rock and soul music. You can pick and play them.

Oh yeah, we are there to work…Hey, we are very pleased to be on the same page as the ISS management this year in their new initiatives. They see what the people want as we are seeing what the people want and they have created a space for decorators to get together and talk shop. There have always been classes and plenty of good vendors to talk to, but this year they have made a space for printers to get together and talk amongst ourselves.

They also are supplying free industry speakers out on the floor at booth 1507 called Shop Talks and there is a schedule here.

Hey we don’t know it all, but we know lots and we probably know somebody that knows what we don’t know, so come by and chat. Besides making your own way around the show, here are the vendors we work with at our shops, and their booth numbers, all of them are worth talking to:


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