What To Do in AC When You are Not at the Show (Who the Hell is Lucy?)

Plenty of reasons to attend ISS Atlantic City that occur on the convention floor. There actually are almost more reasons to go to the show outside of the show, and I don’t mean losing your money in the casinos. AC has some great eats and a few great sights. At the risk of causing longer lines at my favorite places, here are some places to check out.

White House

White House Subs. A White House sub almost defies description. They have the bread delivered 20 times a day, they use great oil, they have great ingredients. It is walking distance from the convention center, though carrying a few whole subs back might give you a hernia. Also lots of history there, as the Beatles and a million celebs have downed a white house sub.

An Italian from White House. It should be your first choice. Don’t get a whole one unless you are sharing or you are some giant person.
Everyone I have taken here has returned and tells me they dream about it for a months.

The Knife and Fork. Great food, cool decor, great atmosphere and great service. Old school, but not tired.

Knife and Fork mural.

More Knife and Fork interior.

Chef Vola’s. Who would ever know this is a great place? Well it is. Get reservations now for 2020. Super crowded and super delicious Italian food, home cooked style.

The inside is way more crowded than this looks. The guy washing dishes has to move for you to get by to the bathroom.

The Iron Room. Modern cuisine done well. You drive up and you think you are in the wrong place, as it looks like just some liquor store.

The biggest table in the Iron House is literally in the middle of the liquor store part. If you care about food over ambiance, this is your place.

The bar in back is where both most of the dining goes on and The Iron Room also makes some of the best drinks on the East Coast.

The Iron Room food is top notch eating. It is only 2 miles from the AC Convention Center, across the street from the minor league baseball park, located inside the Atlantic City Bottle Company liquor store. Besides great food they have a crazy large selection of whiskies.

The Vagabond Kitchen and Tap Room. Good American fare and huge beer selection, it is one of the few places you can fit a big group and also probably get fed without a reservation. 2 miles from the convention center, a quick uber.

We take a break from our culinary tour of AC to bring you the boardwalk. Its pretty cool and the ocean is beautiful if you venture on the other side of the ugly ass casino buildings.

Dock’s Oyster House has the same owners as The Knife and Fork. They specialize in seafood and they do it well. It is old school and been there for years, but recently the whole inside was renovated.


If you want to indulge, get the seafood tower at Docks. Ridiculously good.

White House can be ridiculously crowded with a crazy long wait. Two miles away is “Sacko’s” Sack o’ Subs which is damn good even if not up to the White House lofty standards.

I’m not telling you where I stay in AC, which is totally cool place, but it is too small to share. However, the Claridge is a good choice: no stupid gambling and still has some of the 1929 charm it originally had. They blew up and tore down all the other old hotels, this is the last one still standing and usually has great rates.

Here is the Claridge in 1929 splendor, still standing but no fountains.

Lucy the Margate Elephant was built in the 1880’s and she still stands.  It is an amazing structure and you should look up the story. Only two miles from Atlantic City and located right on the water. You have to see Lucy when you visit Atlantic City.





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