Mis-Print Monday: Black Ink, Black Shirt. Simple, Right?

This “expectation vs. reality” example shows that this “simple” and “clever” concept is actually not so simple to achieve (and maybe not that clever?) We get a ton of requests to print black ink on a black shirt.  To achieve the effect, the following considerations must be taken into account: First, and most importantly, what is the designer/customer actually trying to achieve? Typically the designer’s
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Misprint Monday (on a Friday…) : The Grey Blues. Brett on Triblend Issues

From our pal Brett Bowden at Printed Threads in Texas comes this tale of woe. It doesn’t seem right to publish a story about a “bedeviled” Christian shirt on Christmas (this coming Monday) so we put this out today, a Friday. The joys of printing on Triblends (cotton, polyester, rayon) that are 100% black… Our job with Triblend printing is that we’ve got to make
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Misprint Monday: Print Problem Detective Work

Somebody showed me a shirt and asked what caused all sorts of problems with the print. What we see: Filled in negative space Registration problems including white underprint showing where it should not Blurry image “Bumpy” print, not smooth White ink turned pink   What is causing all these problems?   So what are the causes? Some ink detective work leads to the following conclusion:
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Cool Bella+Canvas Specialty Ink Videos

BELLA+CANVAS has started a youtube channel and just released videos on three of their garments being printed with specialty inks: triblend printed with adhesive and then foil applied,  slub being printed with metallic ink, and black heather being printed with reflective ink. They are simple and to the point and worth checking out. Look for them to release more videos in future.  

Decorating Advice (Finally…)

Comfort Colors just sent out an email blast promoting their decorating tips. You can read about many different ways to make your comfort colors shirts look better. This seems to be part of a wave of garment companies looking to help their customers proactively with tips on decoration, rather than waiting for decorators to run into problems. Alternative is going to run decorating tips. Haneslocator.com has
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Reflections at the End of the Trade Show Season (at the end of the retail era as we knew it…)

I woke up to a Business Insider article about the decline of retail stores.    They report that a third of malls are in danger of closing, and that visits to malls decreased 50% from 2010 to 2013. Noted at our industry shows, American Apparel will be closing their 110 retail locations and Abercrombie closing 60 outlets. Some are calling it the “retail apocalypse.” Add
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Misprint Monday – Another Kind of Ghost

I was asked to look at some shirts today that supposedly had “ghosting” issues. Ghosting we have covered before (see a prior ink kitchen.com article), it basically is a bleaching process when certain inks give off a gas when they are hot and stacked and a lighter “ghost” image appears on the shirt placed on top of the ink. It also can happen from the front
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