Super Fast Digital: MHM Raises the Bar; a Preview

MHM has a new machine and it sure to turn some heads at the SGIA show in Las Vegas this week. It prints digital images at speeds that can exceed 1000 pieces per hour. This is the thing that so many people have been looking for, a viable hybrid of screenprinting and digital printing. This is going to be a game changer in our printing
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Hanes with an Innovative Approach

Hanes and Champion have a new site at for ordering a shirt, focused on all high schools and colleges. I guess it might cut into the businesses of a few people, but mostly it seems like it might lead to less aggravation and more business for most of us. If somebody wants a single shirt for the local high school? Hanes has 13K schools set up
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Arrggh: Pirate Printers Literally Taking It To the Streets

“Pirate Printers” Raubdruckerin literally take to the streets in their home Berlin but also in Lisbon, Amsterdam, Paris and around the world and print shirts using objects on the streets. So cool. Some photos and then a more or less translation down below about what they are about. Raubdruckerin uses existing surfaces such as grids, concrete and manhole cover as a stamp and produce graphical
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How to be a Better Printer: Spend a Little $ Wisely

Question: Our printing doesn’t seem to be getting better, what are the best ways to go about improving our printing abilities?   Answer: My two cents? Stop being penny wise and pound foolish. Saving twenty dollars and buying a gallon of inexpensive but inferior emulsion is a terrible idea. Inferior emulsions don’t have the resolution of most of the more expensive emulsions because they don’t
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Misprint Monday #2: Juston Beeber With a Purpose

I’ve seen spelling error’s that have been viewed by as many as a dozen people and nobody catches it. This has to be one of those type of errors. “Purpose” is not only spelled wrong, the word spelled correctly is directly under it. Ouch. Ouch. Double ouch. However, I sayeth that thou should casteth no stones, for there but for the grace of God go
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Misprint Monday: Registration

That green leaf in the photo isn’t arty, it is wrong. It is out of registration. Why are things out of register on your prints? Oh, let me count the possible ways… It wasn’t registered properly by the press operator. Start with the obvious, believe me I have seen folks do crazy stuff when all it needed was for the registration to be dialed in. Films
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ISS Long Beach Giveaway!

The Ink Kitchen is so psyched about the ISS Long Beach show that we’re running a giveaway on our Facebook page from January 22-26. Check out the details on Facebook (click on the title to expand this post and then on the image below) and leave a comment on which prize you’re hoping to win.