Acres of Promotional Products

The PPAI Promotional Products Expo starts tomorrow January 16th. Well it started yesterday if you are into seminars. The product area opens Tuesday January 16th at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. I’ve been exhibiting or attending for a long time and it actually seems to have improved in that it is now on one big floor not upstairs and down, and the
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Gildan To Close New Bedford, Massachusetts Dyeing Facility (and Warehouse in CA)

Gildan has decided to close their garment dyeing facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Gildan bought the plant from Comfort Colors in 2015. It will close now as of February 28th, 2018 and 90 workers there will lose their jobs. The facility originally was opened in 1995 in a cavernous former armaments factory by the then Comfort Colors owner Barry T. Chouinard. Soon after buying Comfort
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Misprint Monday (on a Friday…) : The Grey Blues. Brett on Triblend Issues

From our pal Brett Bowden at Printed Threads in Texas comes this tale of woe. It doesn’t seem right to publish a story about a “bedeviled” Christian shirt on Christmas (this coming Monday) so we put this out today, a Friday. The joys of printing on Triblends (cotton, polyester, rayon) that are 100% black… Our job with Triblend printing is that we’ve got to make
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Thieves and Companies that Enable Them

I proudly printed the Farm Aid 2017 shirts this year, most of them organic cotton and some also union made and nearly all USA made. So it is extremely disturbing to see a host of companies selling designs stolen from Farm Aid printed and embroidered on a bunch of crappy shirts. Repeated emails and filings to Amazon and three weeks later there are still dozens
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Vendor Loyalty

On boards related to screenprinting and shirts and in discussions on Facebook I run into lots of people that shop around for the “best price.” As one person said today,  $.10 on 50K shirts is a big deal. However, more often I see people going across the road for two cents on 100 shirts. Even ten cents on a hundred shirts, is that worth it?
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Cool Bella+Canvas Specialty Ink Videos

BELLA+CANVAS has started a youtube channel and just released videos on three of their garments being printed with specialty inks: triblend printed with adhesive and then foil applied,  slub being printed with metallic ink, and black heather being printed with reflective ink. They are simple and to the point and worth checking out. Look for them to release more videos in future.  

Rain. Moisture. Ink Curing Problems.

Q: What temperature should I set my dryer at? A: I don’t know. That’s the best answer to that question. Another answer is to say, “whatever temperature raises the ink film temperature to 320 degrees for ten seconds.” Curing ink will be affected by the ambient temperature, how long your drying chamber is, the height of your heating elements, whether it is gas or electric,
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