Cool Bella+Canvas Specialty Ink Videos

BELLA+CANVAS has started a youtube channel and just released videos on three of their garments being printed with specialty inks: triblend printed with adhesive and then foil applied,  slub being printed with metallic ink, and black heather being printed with reflective ink. They are simple and to the point and worth checking out. Look for them to release more videos in future.  

Rain. Moisture. Ink Curing Problems.

Q: What temperature should I set my dryer at? A: I don’t know. That’s the best answer to that question. Another answer is to say, “whatever temperature raises the ink film temperature to 320 degrees for ten seconds.” Curing ink will be affected by the ambient temperature, how long your drying chamber is, the height of your heating elements, whether it is gas or electric,
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Soft Shirts in Soft ColorsSome: Comfort Colors, SanMar, and Hanes Coastal Colors

At ISS Long Beach in January Tom and I did some seminars in the SanMar classroom on printing on Garment Dyed shirts. A few of our words of advice: use good platen adhesive to promote good registration, and re-apply more often than usual. At my shop we mostly use Albatross Brush Tac and then some Albatross spray when necessary. test your garment for whether it will discharge, which
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The Most Powerful T-shirt in the World Right Now

That sea of yellow is a crowd of Malaysian anti-corruption protesters. Their protests which feature the color yellow, in particular people wearing yellow t-shirts are growing increasingly powerful as reported by many news agencies. The shirts all say #Bersih4 and Bersih is Malaysian for “clean.” They are calling for clean elections since the head of the government has perhaps put 700 million dollars into his
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Believing What You Read (or not…)

Two quick points on this cover of this issue of ECOTEXTILE: 1. ECOTEXTILE is an excellent source for information on the sustainability end of the business. You can get headlines via email for free or subscribe for the full articles.  2. There lead article this month make a great point regarding sustainability, both environmental and labor claims should be verified. In Eco terms, folks often call it
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How’s It Printed: Grandwheels Los Angeles

We were asked by SanMar to create and print a design with their new Port & Company® – Essential Pigment-Dyed Tee – PC099.  Distressed graphics printed with discharge ink would always be my first choice when working with pigment-dyed tees as the soft hand and subtle “grunge” is a natural fit for the washed and faded look inherent to the garment.  The only problem with this approach is, depending on the manufacturer’s
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That Was Quick: American Apparel Emerges from Chapter 11

The CEO of American Apparel Paula Schneider says, “This is the start of a new day at American Apparel.” This is in regards to them (as expected) exiting Chapter 11 Bankruptcy at the end of last week. So ends any value to stock that was held and they are now a privately held company, American Apparel LLC. You can read the American Apparel press release
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