American Apparel To Move On Without Dov Charney – Bankruptcy Judge Rules

The New York Times has reported that a bankruptcy judge in the American Apparel bankruptcy reorganization case has ruled out Dov Charney’s 11th hour appeal for a different plan and this will leave Señor Charney out of the company on all levels. The Times reported however, “The judge expressed sympathy for Mr. Charney. “I have no doubt that he wants the best for American Apparel,” Judge
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ISS Long Beach Giveaway!

The Ink Kitchen is so psyched about the ISS Long Beach show that we’re running a giveaway on our Facebook page from January 22-26. Check out the details on Facebook (click on the title to expand this post and then on the image below) and leave a comment on which prize you’re hoping to win.

American Apparel Declares Bankruptcy – Relax

The New York Times this morning is reporting that American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy. It always is a scary word, this “bankruptcy,” but at least two big equipment manufacturers and one big garment company in our industry have gone through it and come out as very strong companies afterward. There really should different words, but instead we have the chapters of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code to
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American Apparel: Dov Charney’s Comeback?

Bloomberg News is reporting a possible take-over bid of American Apparel by a group that would re-install Mr. Dov Charney as CEO (and resident irreverent creative dude.) The group making the offer is led by Chad Hagan who says of American Apparel and Charney: “American Apparel is a proven viable business model that needs to be scaled from a sales point of view and should not
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Alphabrodek (and rhodes, and imprinted wholesale, and ash city…)

Alphabroder just announced today what has been rumored for months, that they have merged with Bodek and Rhodes. Nobody cares about a little billion dollar merger I guess if Bud can buy Miller for $106,000,000,000 (that’s right billions.) This merger makes Alphabroder/Bodek the undisputed biggest shirt distributor as Alphabroder, Bodek and SanMar were previously the top three. The press reports that the websites will remains
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Blasting…i.e. spot removal.

If you get a spot of ink on a shirt you can sometimes get rid of it. Screenprinters have different names for it, you blast it out, you shoot it out, you use spot remover, you use dry cleaning fluid… See the label of many of your shirts, “Do Not Dry Clean.” That’s because dry cleaning will remove most inks from shirts. We use a
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Seeing Your Work Come to Life (Fruition…)

You work hard with a customer and months later if you are lucky you get to see the fruits of your labor (pun intended.) All the pieces we worked on for the new Angry Orchard Innovation Cider House were on display during their opening week. The stuff really looked good in the store and it was cool to see people trying the garments on, carry
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