ThreadX 2018

Finally… a conference designed for us by us.  ThreadX is for business owners and managers seeking insights on the current state of and the future of the decorated apparel industry.  Top-notch speakers, including Johnny Cupcakes!

Misprint Monday: White Ink Futures

At the end of January 2017 there was a major fire in the Huntsman plant in Pori in Finland. Despite the dramatic photos of this clearly very large fire, luckily there were no reported injuries or deaths. This plant produces a large portion of the titanium dioxide in the world used in white printing inks. So you might see white ink prices rise this year.
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Interview with Scott Craig GM of Wilflex AND Rutland

PolyOne Corporation, the company that owns Wilflex Inks, recently bought Rutland Plastic Technologies. This gives PolyOne ownership of the companies supplying ink to a majority of garment printers in the USA.  Last week I had a chat with the General Manager of Wilflex and now also of Rutland. Our chat reinforced some of the obvious benefits to what the merger could possibly mean, and reassured
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PolyOne (Wilflex Inks) Purchase of RPG (Rutland, Union, QCM Inks)

This is the media advisory from PolyOne about the purchase of Rutland. Not particularlyly revealing, but seems to be all anyone has on this for now on this big industry news. My only other take on this is that there is a possibility of Wilflex taking a longer view on the business in terms of relationships and R&D. The past few owners of Rutland have been
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American Apparel Bankruptcy Sale to Gildan is Approved

WWD and other sources are reporting that yesterday January 12, 2017 the bankruptcy judge in the American Apparel case approved the sale of most of the assets (including the Brand) to Gildan. The entire sale to Gildan was 103 million dollars of which $15 million was for the purchase of inventory. Gildan was the highest bidder at the auction held earlier this week, their original
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Gildan to Buy American Apparel?

Time to clarify some things about the bankruptcy of American Apparel and the potential purchase by Gildan. Reports in many media outlets that Gildan has bought American Apparel are false, or at least not entirely accurate. They have bid on certain assets but you would not say that it is a done deal. 2. American Apparel retail stores will close. This apparently is true, as Gildan has
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R.I.P. Rick Medlin of Fruit of the Loom

Rick Medlin the President and CEO of Fruit of the Loom passed away of natural causes yesterday November 27th, 2016 “The entire Fruit of the Loom, Inc. team worldwide, with nearly 30,000 employees, is incredibly saddened by the loss of their sincere and principled leader. “Rick was a special leader and a special person. He was extremely proud of the progress and success we have
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