Misprint Monday: Emulsion Trouble, Check Your Expiration Dates

Usually Tom and I relay a story of our own mistakes, which folks seem to enjoy hearing about. Today it is a mix of my woes and someone else’s. On a Facebook group this morning a fellow traveler in the world of screenprinting was having trouble with screens that would not wash out. What can cause this? Andy MacDougal mentioned expired emulsion as a possible
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What’s a T-shirt Worth?

Today’s column is by my buddy Bill Mooney. He has an entertainment and music industry merchandising company. called Tannis Root. He’s a good guy with a great business. He also has had the most kick ass industry parties to celebrate his decades in business and I got to see Sonic Youth, the Condo Fucks, Mudhoney and Redd Kross at his bashes. Sustainability is a word
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Rick Named One of “The Most Creative People in Promo”

In a sweep of journalistic bravado, the latest edition of Counselor Magazine likens Rick to other titans of change agency like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, as they name him one of “The Most Creative People in Promo.” It’s hard to follow that with anything more impressive, so I’ll just leave the link to the article right here.

Misprint Monday: Ink Color Substrate Issues

We recently printed some expensive UnderArmour reversible jerseys for a contract customer. It didn’t work out very well. As you can see from the photograph, on the black background the letters look “yellow” and on the white the letters look “gold.” To be more exact,  the white jersey printed at Pantone 1235c and the black jersey printed at 1225C. How did this happen? We actually
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Are You Feeling Lucky?

You should because if you’re reading this you’re invited to our Lucky Friday Thirteen Bash at Tom’s shop, Motion Textile, this coming Friday, April 13. Just click here for your free tickets. We could have just said, ‘Hey, we’re having an open house in conjunction with The NBM Show in Sacramento,” but that’s not how we do it around here. Not only are we having
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Fun? We have your damn fun. Lucky 13 Bash coming at you.

In a post on some forum on the internet this week somebody was saying that our industry, in particular our trade shows, are not fun. Fair enough.  Sometimes these things have been boring. We at the Ink Kitchen have been working the past few years to shake it up. I think we fell from lofty heights in the heyday of the business where Newman Roller
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