The Coolest Thing You Won’t See at ISS Long Beach 2017

If you missed the debut of MHM’s amazing IQ Digital machine at the SGIA Expo well that’s too bad for you because unfortunately MHM will not have an IQ Digital at ISS Long Beach 2017.  Fortunately for you The Ink Kitchen was there and we made a video to show off this revolutionary machine.

Amazon Vying for Bankrupt American Apparel

News broke last week that a host of companies are now vying for bankrupt American Apparel.  Most notable among these companies is, of course, Amazon.  Aside from the obvious brand recognition of American Apparel, there is plenty of speculation around Amazon’s motivation to aquire this storied company from private labeling opportunities to supply chain and manufacturing capabilities.  There is even the thought that “made in
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Japanese Woodblock Prints

I went this past weekend to the Clark Art Museum and there were two unexpected connections there to our industry. The main benefactor of the Clark Art Museum was Sterling Clark. His family money came mainly from owning the Singer Sewing Machine company. The second connection was an interesting exhibit on woodblock printng in Japan, which is a painstaking process that in the end has
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3 Simple Repair Aids : Cell, LED, Headset

I’m sure you have some equipment that you fix yourself, and when you do you are sometimes in tight quarters or in an awkward position and sometimes you are following instructions being given to you on the phone. Here are a few tricks: A good cellphone is essential these days when you are making repairs.You can get in and take a photo in places that
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Misprint Monday: Perfect Prints, Wrong G*&$#&%* Quantities

We printed some very cool shirts for premiums for WMBR which is a community radio station (that I happen to have two shows on for the past three years.) It is a great station which is all volunteer, and I have done the premiums for them for about 25 years. Things are almost always done right because in this case it isn’t about money, it is
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Auld Lang Syne

We had a good year hear at the Ink Kitchen and have now had over 150K views of the site. We love interacting with other screenprinters and decorators and hope to see y’all in the New Year at Long Beach. The companies we work with are really awesome. The end of the year is a great time to reflect on how lucky we are, we
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Gildan to Buy American Apparel?

Time to clarify some things about the bankruptcy of American Apparel and the potential purchase by Gildan. Reports in many media outlets that Gildan has bought American Apparel are false, or at least not entirely accurate. They have bid on certain assets but you would not say that it is a done deal. 2. American Apparel retail stores will close. This apparently is true, as Gildan has
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