Long Beach Part 1: Know-It-Alls, Ink and Level Platens (…Pallets, whatever…)

Well, the Ink Kitchen “Know-It-Alls” descended on ISS Long Beach 2016 and we had a pretty damn good time and met a whole lot of great folks that do printing and embroidery. Here’s post numero uno regarding some of what we found in Long Beach this year. We had our guide to the show, many of the companies that Tom and I partner with in our shops
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ISS Long Beach Giveaway!

The Ink Kitchen is so psyched about the ISS Long Beach show that we’re running a giveaway on our Facebook page from January 22-26. Check out the details on Facebook (click on the title to expand this post and then on the image below) and leave a comment on which prize you’re hoping to win.


I met Andy MacDougal for the first time at the SGIA this year. He clearly is a talented screenprinter, a good guy and a funny guy. He has a cool website called Squeegeeville with among other things a good basic screenprinting book and simple equipment, in particular a great simple vacuum table set up for printing posters.  If you buy his book it has the plans in the
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SGIA Expo Atlanta 2015 – Basics

Often people ask when I see them at shows, “What’s New?” I usually point out that you have to check out the solid steady vendors who often don’t have anything new. Screenprinting is called that for a reason, you need screens! If you are going with rigid frames, the  solid solid rigid frame company is GSF. Nothing super fancy, just well-made. They also have a
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SGIA Expo Atlanta 2015 – Legends & Know-It-Alls

One legend is on the left in that photo.  Artem Nadirashvili has done some of the most outlandishly innovative screenprints on t-shirts that I have ever seen.  His shop midigroup is in Moscow in Russian. He is also a jazz fan and all around totally interesting dude. Next to him is French screenprinter Michel Caza who has been screenprinting literally since I was born! He is
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SGIA Expo Atlanta 2015 – LED, Textured Digital Prints, and Cool Little Damn Bulbs

I saw some cool stuff at SGIA today. This is first of a few posts from here in Atlanta. Saati has a point source light that is LED, super fast exposure, constant exposure, energy saving, and what I like, super simple design. You can even control it from your phone via bluetooth if the control unit goes down. That’s Ross Balfour who has a cool
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Trends. New Orleans, Nashville and Beyond. A Trip to Simple.

I just spent some time in New Orleans at the Jazz and Heritage Festival with 460,000 other music lovers, most of them wearing t-shirts. Then I was in Nashville at the ISS show with shirt vendors and fellow garment decorators. Add in a few forays into gift shops and airport stores and I have a view of what is going on in t-shirt land. My
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