Reflections at the End of the Trade Show Season – Part 1

A few refections as the busy trade show season is mostly over. I think the biggest trends of the past ten years have been digital printing and environmental concerns. Developments in the environmental realm have slowed but still do continue and will not stop, we have to find increasingly safe and sustainable ways to do our work . Digital printing continues to innovate and grow.
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Atlantic City ISS is About to Start

The Ink Kitchen will have our “Know-It-All” booth at #505. We have many industry luminaries stopping by, some cool shirts to check out, wanted and unwanted advice, recommendations for every aspect of the garment trade and decorating garments, and a few free cool gifts. For what we don’t know, we have a Magic 8 Ball. Come by and say hello please.

ISS Long Beach Day 1

Come say hi at Booth 157. We’ve got Know-It-Alls Tom and KC. Our lovely and multitalented staff Deb and Ashley are here too. Enter to win a commemorative Hane’s Beefy T and get a cool gift, courtesy of The Ink Kitchen.  

Ink Kitchen “Guide to ISS Long Beach” – #3

This is the third post of our pre-show Ink Kitchen advice on folks to check out at Long Beach ISS show Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week. Come by The Ink Kitchen “Know-It-All” booth #157 which will be located on the far left side of the show floor. We have some cool stuff for you, experts to answer your garment and decorating questions, and of course
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TBT – 40 Years of Hanes Beefy T’s

The Hanes Beefy T was born in 1975, 40 years ago. Hanes has collected vintage printed Beefys from back in the day that are now on display at the PPAI show and will be at the ISS Show in Long Beach later this week. Hanes is also giving away Beefy T’s with a modern yet vintage-looking print (printed by yours truly) at both shows. Stop by the Hanes/Champion
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Ink Kitchen “Guide to ISS Long Beach” – #2

In the second of our series leading up to the Long Beach ISS show this week, we give our opinions on what to check out while you are there. HIRSCH – Booths 573 and 673 Hirsch has a whole pile of things worth looking into. IMHO you should always check out the solid equipment and products of vendors first, new stuff isn’t as important as
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Ink Kitchen “Guide to ISS Long Beach” – #1

So, here’s post #1 of our recommendations of what to check out at Long Beach ISS this week. It isn’t what you might expect, since I don’t think seeing everything NEW! is all that important. I’ll mention again that we don’t rave about companies because they are our sponsors. We turn that on its head. We were already using the sponsor companies’ products at our shops and
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Long Beach ISS – Know-It-All Booth

We’ll have a full Ink Kitchen crew at the Long Beach ISS show next week. We’ll have our “Know-It-All” booth in full swing as we did last year. Ask us whatever you want about any form of decorating or any garment. If we don’t know the answer, we can ask one of a hundred experts we know at the show. If it still can’t be answered,
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SGIA 2014 – A Biased Tour Part 2

Ah yes, the SGIA 2014 show. In Part 1 I made the point that boring can be ok. Putting solid machines and solid supplies on display is not such a bad idea. I’m usually skeptical about new wondrous devices and magical supplies that will solve all my problems and make me a millionaire anyway. Put a couple machines in the field, put your supplies into
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SGIA 2014 – A Biased Tour Part 1

SGIA 2014. Did I see anything new? Well not that much but that doesn’t mean at all that it was not worth attending. I saw friends. I talked to new vendors. I had time to talk face-to-face with established vendors. I got to talk shop with other owners. I got to see what is trending and what is not. I also saw some of the same
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