Gildan To Close New Bedford, Massachusetts Dyeing Facility (and Warehouse in CA)

Gildan has decided to close their garment dyeing facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Gildan bought the plant from Comfort Colors in 2015. It will close now as of February 28th, 2018 and 90 workers there will lose their jobs. The facility originally was opened in 1995 in a cavernous former armaments factory by the then Comfort Colors owner Barry T. Chouinard. Soon after buying Comfort
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Misprint Monday (on a Friday…) : The Grey Blues. Brett on Triblend Issues

From our pal Brett Bowden at Printed Threads in Texas comes this tale of woe. It doesn’t seem right to publish a story about a “bedeviled” Christian shirt on Christmas (this coming Monday) so we put this out today, a Friday. The joys of printing on Triblends (cotton, polyester, rayon) that are 100% black… Our job with Triblend printing is that we’ve got to make
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Looking Outside the Industry for Solutions

Guest post from our pal Brett Bowden from Printed Threads in Texas: Earlier this year I was getting frustrated at our pallet storage situation. We have so many different sizes of pallets and at any given time we might need to move them from press 1 to press 4. After looking at all of our screen printing suppliers and using some screen rack type solutions,
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Misprint Monday: North Korea Unveils New Intercontinental T-shirt Cannon

Great piece on new North Korean technology at Bluerock Public Radio’s website. Satire is a great weapon. It does give me occasion to tell of my interaction with a t-shirt cannon. Some years back I was at a minor league hockey game of the Providence Bruins. Some up with people looking folks skate out between periods and try to whip the crowd into a frenzy
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ThreadX 2018

Finally… a conference designed for us by us.  ThreadX is for business owners and managers seeking insights on the current state of and the future of the decorated apparel industry.  Top-notch speakers, including Johnny Cupcakes!

Hanes is Buying Alternative Apparel

Hanes bought Alternative Apparel as the garment industry continues to consolidate. It makes sense for Hanes to buy a straight ahead top fashion brand in the decoration world giving them a wider range of products.  I find it encouraging that they actually mention social responsibility, a term not bandied about so much lately. Rachel Newman: Director of Sales and Marketing, Hanes Activewear says: “We are
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Voodoo Oktoberfest II !!!

SGIA Expo is a time to learn some things, see new products, connect with vendors, and see old friends. It also in New Orleans is a great place to have some fun. It also is good to do some good while we all convene in a city. During the SGIA Expos in New Orleans we have had a number of events and projects that benefit
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