ThreadX 2018

Finally… a conference designed for us by us.  ThreadX is for business owners and managers seeking insights on the current state of and the future of the decorated apparel industry.  Top-notch speakers, including Johnny Cupcakes!

Hanes is Buying Alternative Apparel

Hanes bought Alternative Apparel as the garment industry continues to consolidate. It makes sense for Hanes to buy a straight ahead top fashion brand in the decoration world giving them a wider range of products.  I find it encouraging that they actually mention social responsibility, a term not bandied about so much lately. Rachel Newman: Director of Sales and Marketing, Hanes Activewear says: “We are
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Voodoo Oktoberfest II !!!

SGIA Expo is a time to learn some things, see new products, connect with vendors, and see old friends. It also in New Orleans is a great place to have some fun. It also is good to do some good while we all convene in a city. During the SGIA Expos in New Orleans we have had a number of events and projects that benefit
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Thieves and Companies that Enable Them

I proudly printed the Farm Aid 2017 shirts this year, most of them organic cotton and some also union made and nearly all USA made. So it is extremely disturbing to see a host of companies selling designs stolen from Farm Aid printed and embroidered on a bunch of crappy shirts. Repeated emails and filings to Amazon and three weeks later there are still dozens
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Misprint Monday: Copyright Violation Frenzy

Recently I wrote some thoughts here about rampant copyright and trademark violation, which is aided and abetted by lax policies of on-line services. It is easier to put up some BS product blatantly stealing the artwork and design of others than it is to get them to stop. This week I’m in the middle of a frenzy of producing Farm Aid merchandise and supervising its
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