A Brother in Need: Jimmy Bones

At last year’s ISS Atlantic City show I was introduced to Jimmy and Drew from American Icon Screen printing in Newburgh NY.  It was great meeting Jimmy, clearly a good dude, and a fellow printer who clearly has a real passion for what he does. The night before Thanksgiving Jimmy was run over by at least one car in front of his house.  He sustained massive
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Misprint Monday – Not Distracted by Gold

Congratulations to the Canadian hockey team for winning the gold medal with a great final game against Sweden. I’m sure many screenprinters can relate to the way my mind works. I love hockey and I’m enjoying the game, but I’m looking and it appears on the screen that possibly the dye of the red Canadian jerseys is bleeding into the white of the players names
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Domingo Gigante: I.K. Hilos

Cuando “The Know-It-All” (el sabiondo) debutó en ISS Long Beach el mes pasado recibimos una gran cantidad de elogios y preguntas sobre nuestros hilos personalizados. Esto es lo que hicimos … Creamos cuatro piezas únicas diseñadas por Rick y Tom e impresas y cosidas por ” Motion Textile” (Movimiento Textil). The “Know-It-All Hoody” (N280 NANO FULL-ZIP HOOD)   The “I.K. Cardigan” (District Made DM315) The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T) The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T)

I.K. Threads

When The Know-It-Alls debuted at ISS Long Beach last month we received a lot of compliments and questions on our custom threads.  Here’s what we did… Designed by Rick and Tom then printed/stitched at Motion Textile, we created four unique pieces: The “Know-It-All Hoody” (N280 NANO FULL-ZIP HOOD)     The “I.K. Cardigan” (District Made DM315)   The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T)     The “Ink
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We got a lot of questions about the “Hendrix” prints from my post last week. They were printed by Midiprint in Moscow. Quite possibly the best printer in the world. My man Art is the genius behind it all. Total respect.

In the shirt, on the shirt, above the shirt.

TBT Hail Thursday! Old post on depth in screenprinting. Digital is all well and good, but screen printing is deep man. Screen printing has depth. This is a great shirt to illustrate the point. Notice the grey area, that is curable base, no pigment. You can also use very low pigment percentages up to 15% and it will just make the shirt darker. It creates
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MAGIC Market Week – Day 3

On my third and final day at MAGIC I attempted to take in as much as possible in a limited amount of time.  As decorators we are all involved in the apparel industry to a greater or lesser extent.  It would behoove any decorator to attend MAGIC periodically to get a better understanding of the greater apparel industry.  This show is big, really big.  MAGIC
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