Dye Migration – Testing “Equipment”

Simple is better than nothing. Sometimes you print and the dye from the shirt gets into the ink by the time it goes down the conveyor oven, that nice white ink on a red shirt turns pink. You say, “damn” and you think of something to prevent it, some combination of technique (lower flash and cure) and supplies (low bleed inks, barrier grey ink.) This
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Silicone Ink (i.e. Ink as Insurance Policy)

Silicone ink is like insurance, you hate it but sometimes you just have to have it. As with many things in life, you have to take the good with the bad with silicone ink. It is expensive to buy the ink, roughly three times the cost of plastisol inks. However,  ink isn’t the main part of our costs in printing anyway, right?  More importantly it
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The Ink Kitchen goes to FESPA Digital 2014– part six: Transfers

Although a digital show, direct digital printing has not stopped other forms of decoration, nor stopped innovation in other forms. Transfers were one form going strong, here we see new forms or improvements for transfers that resist dye migration or can stretch with the new fabrics, apply to odd shaped substrates (shoes!) or machines that enable quick application.    

Misprint Monday – Clean Bill of Health in the Netherlands

A few notes while passing through the Amsterdam airport and looking at shirts. I don’t know about the rest of you in the business but before I can even think of how clever (or not) a shirt might be, my eyes automatically scan it for being out of register, dye migration, off the mark right or left, too low…. It is a gift and a
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Misprint Monday– Printing on Polyester

Any experienced printer will have at some time used the wrong ink, or printed on a fabric that perhaps caught one by surprise. It is a sickening feeling to see your beautiful bright white print slowly turning pink with nothing to be done about it. Dye migration is a terrible thing. Today’s Misprint Monday print luckily caused no problems, and I still wear the shirt
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Printing on Poly – Part 3

As outlined in the earlier posts, you can heat up the polyester garment in question with a heat press and a drop of plasticizer will cause some dye to transfer to a piece of white jersey. Pretty much all fabric will transfer some of the dye, but it is a matter of degree. The more testing you do, the better idea you will have of what
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Boost Your Skills With Silicones

Like it or not, the ability to print with silicone ink is going to have to find its place in your tool box. The pros are: it’s super stretchy zero dye migration on polyesters it’s cheaper than an insurance policy when you need to print on a $150 stretchy polyester jacket. The cons are: short pot life expensive works poorly on cotton difficult to use you
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