Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha. Roughly translated from the Japanese, it means “chit-chat.” It is a cool idea, sort of like speed dating for ideas and thinking. You show 20 slides and talk more than for 20 seconds for each. Pecha Kucha nights happen in about 700 cities around the world. More ideas, what a good idea. The featured talk  on the Pecha Kucha website at the moment is
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SGIA Journal Features a “Know-It-All”

Resident “Know-It-All” Tom Davenport is featured in the Winter ’15 SGIA Journal: Garment Edition The article takes an in-depth look at the proper pairing of substrate and print method, an all-too-often ignored aspect of garment decoration. If you are an SGIA member and received the Journal, we think the read will be well worth your time.  If not, consider joining SGIA    

Good Discharge Trick

For blocking out screens for printing water-based discharge inks, regular old generic clear nail polish works very well. It holds up and that aggressive discharge ink doesn’t get through, and also importantly it reclaims fine. It isn’t expensive either. Another trick we did not follow in this situation, don’t print out so much crap on the films like we did in this case and you
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TBT – Roses are still red… Color traps.

This post from a five years ago still rings true. The other day somebody was talking about “teal” as a color which can be everything from a bright blue to a very green blue. Here’s about colors that can be a trap if you are not careful. We are reminded today of the wonders of the Pantone Matching System. As we deal with each other face
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A Visit to American Apparel

  The  Ink Kitchen aims for the quick jab, a paragraph and a photo and back to your day. Occasionally a subject will deserve a longer form. A day long visit to American Apparel is such a topic. From time to time you’ll see these longer pieces, probably about once a month. You also are going to see that I have a pretty positive attitude
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