La Cocina de tinta se va a la FESPA Digital 2014 – Transferencias

A pesar de ser un show digital, la impresión digital directa no ha impedido otras formas de decoración, ni ha parado la innovación de otra manera. La transferencia es una de las técnicas que tienen más fuerza, aquí vemos nuevas formas o mejoras para las transferencias. Éstas resisten la migración del tinte o pueden ser estiradas sobre las nuevas telas, ser aplicadas sobre formas raras
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The Ink Kitchen goes to FESPA Digital 2014– part six: Transfers

Although a digital show, direct digital printing has not stopped other forms of decoration, nor stopped innovation in other forms. Transfers were one form going strong, here we see new forms or improvements for transfers that resist dye migration or can stretch with the new fabrics, apply to odd shaped substrates (shoes!) or machines that enable quick application.    

The Ink Kitchen goes to FESPA Digital 2014– part five: Environmental Approach

Why a car in an environmental post? We rented this Audi A1 to make our factory tours while at the FESPA in Germany. Great sporty car, no problem doing 110 MPH or more on the Autobahn. However, its diesel engine also had this baby getting almost 60 miles per gallon. It also has innovative environmental features such as the energy from braking going back into the car’s
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The Beauty of Craftsmanship

A booth with a display of furoshiki, tradtional Japanese wrapping cloths, caught my eye at FESPA Digital last week. It was a Japanese company called Denatex, who were promoting their new zero-emission, smoke-free sublimation transfer system. They collaborated with a traditional furoshiki maker from Kyoto to create their display items, which were beautiful. And they were handing out squares of printed fabrics that serve as samples and lens cleaners. Beautiful and
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The Ink Kitchen goes to FESPA Digital 2014 – part two: Awards

Printing on garments has really come a long way and nowhere is that more apparent than in the winning prints for the FESPA Awards 2014. Once printers in the States ruled the world, but no longer. The winning prints at FESPA are incredible and they come from shops in Russia and Poland. From super fine details to 3-D effects to lenticular prints, the rest of
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The Ink Kitchen goes to FESPA Digital 2014 – part one

A few notes from  FESPA Digital in Munich, Germany: Progressive companies in the USA are now part of a global system, they are here in Munich seeing what is going on. Environmentalism is not dead, the rest of the world is passing the USA by. Not so many heads in the sand here (or is it under water…?)  Oekotex is an environmental standard for textiles.
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