ISS Long Beach – Green Products and Organics

We’ll do a longer post after the show, but check out some environmental products if you are still at the Long Beach ISS show: American Apparel has baby shirts that are organic and other organic items as well. Econscious has organic shirts, hats and my favoite of their products, really nice organic hoodies. Rutland Ink has a new line of inks called Eko which is
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Anatomy of an Award Winning Print

There are definitely some tricks to winning a t-shirt printing contest. Here are a couple: I got most excited though at some Golden Image awards and Impressions awards that we won at Mirror Image where we literally just grabbed a shirt off a production run to submit,  and then we got judged by our peers that know their shit and we still won. That really means
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Hanes Nano, a Nice Promo

The other day I received these promotional Nano samples from our friends at Hanes.  I was impressed, for once, to receive decorated garment samples from a manufacturer which actually incorporated tasteful design and quality printing.  Well done Hanes, well done.

Web Wednesday – What color is that shirt?

I love that companies now actually try and communicate what color their shirts are. What a damn concept!  I use the Hanes on-line color chart at and the American Apparel on-line color chart (which I will spell out– all the time. Hanes has their chart front and center with a tab marked “Color,” duh!  American Apparel is pretty much impossible to find on their site. You
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Web Wednesday– from a Designer’s Perspective

Every now and then during the course of a crazy day when questions are flying about garment styles and available colors and you find yourself thumbing back and forth through catalogs throwing little pieces of sticky notes between the pages to save the sections you’ll need to go back and reference… you discover that someone has already eliminated this archaic process and has thoughtfully laid out
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Sellin’ Shirts for Good

Artist Lawrence Cumbo was asked by Dr. John to take a photo in 1998 in New Orleans that would be a tip of the hat to the famous Art Kane photo “A Great Day in Harlem.” Sixty-three Louisiana artists were assembled on Louis Armstrong’s birthday in Armstrong Park. The photo included New Orleans great Allen Toussaint and Ernie K. Doe among others. In a film about
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Throwback Thursday– Mavericks and Such

Twelve years ago in March I was labeled a “Maverick” by Counselor Magazine. Interestingly, my partner in crime here at the Ink Kitchen Tom Davenport was named as one of the 25 Hottest Movers and Shakers in the industry in April of this year by that same Counselor magazine. Here’s the Counselor piece about Tom You can also see Rachel Newman our pal at Hanes
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Web Wednesday – Boston We Stand Together We are selling shirts and with the generosity of Jakprints,, Hanes and Mirror Image employees, we can give 100% of the price (not of the profit, of the entire purchase price) to two charities that work with folks that need prosthetic limbs. At the site you can buy the shirts for find links where you can donate directly to the charities, or you
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Domingo Gigante: I.K. Hilos

Cuando “The Know-It-All” (el sabiondo) debutó en ISS Long Beach el mes pasado recibimos una gran cantidad de elogios y preguntas sobre nuestros hilos personalizados. Esto es lo que hicimos … Creamos cuatro piezas únicas diseñadas por Rick y Tom e impresas y cosidas por ” Motion Textile” (Movimiento Textil). The “Know-It-All Hoody” (N280 NANO FULL-ZIP HOOD)   The “I.K. Cardigan” (District Made DM315) The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T) The “KnowTee” (4980 Nano-T)