What We Have To Work With: In, On, and Above the Shirt

I always say that we can design in, on, and above the shirt. Your design canvas is not a computer screen. It is the fabric of tote bags, shirts and other garments. We are lucky to be able to design with depth. Thinned based inks go into the fabric, regular inks stay on top, and high density inks rise above the shirts surface. In, on,
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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2015

The annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is not only a celebration of the many many types of music that mix here in the Crescent City, it also celebrates Louisiana culture from photography to blacksmiths to of course, the t-shirt. They always sell a wide range of styles and designs and it is interesting to see what they come up with each year. It is
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Great Minds Think Alike

KC’s post from Thursday reminded me of this print that we ran years ago.  Our appliqué effect was created with a 90/10 base/black for drop shadow and a puff underlay.  I guess great minds really do think alike.  

In the shirt, on the shirt, above the shirt.

TBT Hail Thursday! Old post on depth in screenprinting. Digital is all well and good, but screen printing is deep man. Screen printing has depth. This is a great shirt to illustrate the point. Notice the grey area, that is curable base, no pigment. You can also use very low pigment percentages up to 15% and it will just make the shirt darker. It creates
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