Wow. Fun Party for a Good Cause. Lucky 13 Bash

Our partner in this endeavor we call pulled out all the stops on Friday and we had the Lucky 13 Bash. Tom Davenport’s Motion Textile was transformed into  a graduate program in advanced screen printing, a beautiful cool club for the evening, a gathering of many good and knowledgeable folks in our industry to hang out, and all for the benefit of the Sacramento
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Big Party Tomorrow, You are Invited

You can check out a state of the art screenprinting shop tomorrow in Sacramento, my buddy Tom Davenport’s shop is pretty awesome. You can see a video of it here, but actually it is more impressive in real life. In person will be best, but we’ll also have photos and videos the next few days, look for them on this site but also via Facebook
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Fun? We have your damn fun. Lucky 13 Bash coming at you.

In a post on some forum on the internet this week somebody was saying that our industry, in particular our trade shows, are not fun. Fair enough.  Sometimes these things have been boring. We at the Ink Kitchen have been working the past few years to shake it up. I think we fell from lofty heights in the heyday of the business where Newman Roller
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Voodoo Oktoberfest II !!!

SGIA Expo is a time to learn some things, see new products, connect with vendors, and see old friends. It also in New Orleans is a great place to have some fun. It also is good to do some good while we all convene in a city. During the SGIA Expos in New Orleans we have had a number of events and projects that benefit
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Atlantic City ISS 2016

Day 1 of ISS in Atlantic City. We did this combo screenprint and DTG (direct to garment) print. You can screenprint the underprint quickly and then digitally print a whole series of images that print on top of it. In this case we printed a postcard image of NYC, Atlantic City, Ocean City and so on. We could have done 5,000 postcard images if we
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Reflections at the End of the Trade Show Season – Part II

Here is my second post, some refections as the busy trade show season is mostly over. The biggest trends of the past ten years have been related to digital printing and to concerns about the effects of printing and garments on the environment. Developments in the environmental realm seem to have slowed down, but still do continue and I assure you they will not stop. We
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Atlantic City ISS is About to Start

The Ink Kitchen will have our “Know-It-All” booth at #505. We have many industry luminaries stopping by, some cool shirts to check out, wanted and unwanted advice, recommendations for every aspect of the garment trade and decorating garments, and a few free cool gifts. For what we don’t know, we have a Magic 8 Ball. Come by and say hello please.